Gadna Experience

We will experience 5 days of Tzahal Basic Training in the special GADNA program.

The participants will live the life of an Israeli Soldier on a real Tzahal Army base with a Tzahal uniform. They will go through intense training which will include various aspects of what it means to be soldier.
They will have shooting range practice and self-defense courses.
The price of the extension is $675 and includes all activities, room and board.
The program will take place only if a minimum amount of participants sign up and if we can verify availability for the return flight for the amount of participants who want to take part in the extension.


Basic Army Training

All participants will get a Tzahal Uniform, will have Mefakdim (officers) and will be required to follow the rules of the Army Base which include:

  1. Following all the “Pkudot” of the “Mefakdim” (all the directives of the officers)
  2. Strict adherence to all times of activities including wake-up, curfew and Tfilot
  3. Participation in all activities and army training sessions
  4. “Toranut Mitbach” (Kitchen Duty), “Toranut Sheirutim” (Bathroom Cleaning – only the ones that are used by you) etc.
  5. “Sadaut” – one night sleeping in a tent in the field with Toranut Shmira (guard duty)
  6. “Mitvach” (Target Practice)


Special Equipment for Gadna:

  1. Good pair of closed shoes (highly recommended but not critical)
  2. Sheet and pillowcase
  3. Medical: If  you have a pre-existing medical condition (i.e. asthma, healed broken bone etc.), that will not enable you participate in extended strenuous physical activity, the army has requested that in addition to the regular medical which we have on file, that you request from your doctor a letter that states the amount of time you can do strenuous physical activity and how much rest time you need before the next activity.